Pleione  Lhasa (Blushes) X Pleione Zeus Weinstein and Other Pleione Hybrids


General Information

The seed of this species was donated from Chris Greenwell from Bulgaria. Actually 5 different pleione hybrids were acquired but the protocol was the same for all. Because of contamination by fungi only two of the hybrid combinations survived.  Pleiones are found in Japan



Plating Media: 1/2 X P668 medium (purchased from Sigma-Aldrich Chemical Co.)  + 2 uM metatopolin + 4, 1 cm3 cubes Russet potato sliced in quarters  20 mins. 0.525% Chlorox bleaching (no charcoal).  Seeds were plated 1/6/2012 on 150 mm petri dishes containing 100 ml of media.  Plates were sealed with parafilm and incubated in the light under fluorescent tubes  at room temperature (approx. 23-26 o C).  Plates were examined on 1/24/2012 and excellent germination was observed.


Number of Days between Plating and Replating:  approximately 49 days



Replating Media:  3/4 X P668  medium + 1, 1 cm3 cube Russet potato  sliced in quarters + 25ml/l pineapple + 0.5 g/l charcoal. Replating was done in wide mouth pint jars containing 200 ml of media on Jan. 24, 2012 and kept under fluorescent lights. Protocorms developed small corms and nice leaves but roots were not obvious if present. 


Number of Days between Replating and Vernalization: On August 5, some of the replate jars were contaminated with fungus (193 days after replating) and were deflasked.  The seedlings which had corms and leaves were planted out in long-fibered sphagnum moss. In the rest of the replate jars the seedlings continue to grow and don't show any signs yet of going into dormancy.


Number of Days between start and end of Vernalization: ---



Date to Initiate Plating:


Date to Replate:


 Date to start to Vernalize:


Results after Vernalization:


Results After Outplanting in Media:


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