Cypripedium yatabeanum (from Alaska)


Plating Media: R medium + 2 uM metatopolin + 4, 1cm3 cubes Russet potatoe. Bleach  25 mins. in 0.525% chlorox bleach



Replating Media:  R medium + 1, 1cm3 cube Russet potato



Number of Days between Plating and Replating:  61 days



Number of Days between Replating and Vernalization:  256 days




Number of Days between start and end of Vernalization: 120 days (4 months)




Date to Initiate Plating: Jan 17



Date to Replate:  March 19



 Date to start to Vernalize:  Dec. 1





Seedlings plated 11-05-09, replated on 01-0502010, started vernalization on 09-08-2010.  Seedlings were 1/2 to 1 inches tall and the roots were hairy, 3-6 in number, and 3-4 inches long.  Need to start plating earlier, Jan. 17, so vernalization process is not 6 months long.  Some of the seedlings were sprayed with fung-onil to control the growth of fungus.  Overall protocol produced very good results.


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