Cypripedium californicum (from Oregon)


Plating Media: R  Medium + 2 uM MT + 4, 1 cm3 cubes Russet potato.  45 mins. 0.525% Chlorox bleaching



Replating Media:  R medium + 1, 1 cm3 Russet  potato cube



Number of Days between Plating and Replating: 69 days



Number of Days between Replating and Vernalization:  243 days




Number of Days between start and end of Vernalization: 120 days (4 months)




Date to Initiate Plating: Jan. 22



Date to Replate:  April 2



 Date to start to Vernalize:  Dec. 1







Seedlings were plated 11-03-09, replated on 01-11-2010, and started vernalization on 9-10-2010.  The seedlings were from 1/4 to 1 inches long. The roots were 1-4 in number and quite long up to 6 inches long. This species tends to have the shoot protrude from the media because the roots doesn't seem to want to grow very far down into the media.  The roots of this species are thick and very strong.  Possibly in the replate media add less agar to make the medium almost runny. This might promote the roots growing deeper in the media.  Overall, the general protocol is good except need to plate later (Jan. 22) to keep the vernalization time to 4 months rather than 6 months.

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