Amerorchis rotundifolia (from Minnesota)


Plating Media: R medium + 2 uM MT + 4, 1 cm3  cubes Russet potatoes; 30 mins. bleaching with 0.525% Chlorox bleach



Replating Media:  R medium + 1 cm3 cube Russet potato



Number of Days between Plating and Replating:    54 days



Number of Days between Replating and Vernalization:   240 days




Number of Days between start and end of Vernalization: 120 days (4 months)




Date to Initiate Plating:  Feb. 9



Date to Replate: April 5



 Date to start to Vernalize: Dec. 1





Seedlings were plated 11-19-09, replated 1-12-2010, started in vernalization 9-9-2010.  The seedlings developed elongated shoots 1-2.5 inches long but almost no roots.  Where the media touched the roots or call them root buds, the media turned brown indicating to me that the replating media was not good for root development. Need to try other media or perhaps alter the amount of potato in the replating media. Media is not very good for this species.  Germination was quite quick and shoot growth was good but root growth was poor.  Initiate plating earlier on Feb. 9. Might consider adding charcoal to the replating media to absorb phenolic compounds.


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